Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thank You

One beautiful evening, I find myself alone or so I think. Just walked outside to see what could be seen.

I stand before a stretching beach; its soft sand sometimes cold against my feet seems warm in the setting sun’s light. The mountains off to the side once seemed insurmountable impossible to traverse now support cascading walls of beauty framing the wonder before my eyes. The waves, once so tall and threatening in the storm now stroll regularly over the cooling sand, the heartbeat of the ocean. The sky, once so cold so dark and so unforgiving rests peaceful in the sun’s fading light. The breeze once a gale force wind that pound the doors and windows demanding audience now gently tickles wind chimes singing me their song.

Was all that made my life seem so difficult really now the objects of beauty I cherish? For what memory would I have, who would I be if every day were as today? For today I am truly thankful, but if not for yesterday’s pain , struggle, turmoil and angst for what would I now know to give thanks?

One beautiful evening, I find myself among friends. Ones I feared to know I now call friends for they are those who challenged me and who shaped me into who I am.

I just walked outside to see what could be seen and find I have only one thing to say.