Thursday, July 08, 2010

Everyday Style

How you live your life- a simple but routine way of viewing common things- duty, responsibility, what defines a chore- more than just your character, integrity. The how and why of everyday life adds up, plays a big role of "You", who you are. As you grow and learn your style may change. You may have good habits and bad habits that seem to "fit" in this style or pattern.
I want your life pattern to reflect the joy of God. I want this style to be of praise and freedom. I want you to choose to surrender the mundane, ordinary to my divine glory & purpose. Totally sold out- doesn't mean actually selling everything and moving to a land strange to you for the sake of just that 'looking' like your literally sold out. It means taking the ordinary of everyday life, handing it over to God to bless and make a blessing- now extra-ordinary. It means humble acknowledgment that everything in your life is surrendered to God's purposes. They belong to Him & so do the outcomes of all events in your life.
Give praise where praise is due. Give prayers where prayer is needed. Trust your loving Creator and Good Shepherd as He fulfills His purpose in your life- in its entirety.
Just as it may not be safe to keep a loaded gun on display- you load when your ready to go shoot. You are prepared in advance for an outcome, a purpose, shooting at the range. Surrendering the ordinary and everyday says your always ready for the range and everyday becomes a day at the range. Its hard to celebrate Christmas when the presents aren't purchased or wrapped. Be ready, day in and day out, and bless. Life is short- be a blessing.
To bless is to touch the heart of God. To seek to bless is to understand the motives of God. When you hunt down people loved by God to bless them- everyone is blessed. Have a gift mindset ready- to treat a stranger as a friend and friends as close family and honor family as such. Be ready to bless and give your gifts in the sight of God who is the primary giver of all things good. Salt and light- flavor, preservation and environment. Bless, bless, bless. Amen.