Saturday, August 18, 2007

God's writing a book and He wants to tell me something

So I hear His voice- and think God- what do you want from me? What do you want me to do? So I stop and listen. “Listen to me- hear my voice- you’ve read, you’ve done everything else- listen to what I have to say- spend time with me- get to know me and what I think.”

So I’ve turned back. Will I make it to work tonight? It doesn’t matter; I’m here to listen to the Lord, to hear my master speak. I am coming before my real boss guilty- pardoned; shamed- hopeful. Please Lord speak, your servant is listening.

I’ve turned the page in my book Michael. I see a clean white sheet; pure, with a good- no – a great idea I have. Do you know what idea it is Michael? It’s your life.

That’s how I view you. I see you as a great idea. It brings joy to my heart when I think about you; how much fun I’m going to have filling up all these blank pages with so many good things. And you know what? I’ve been thinking about just the right things to put down for a while now. I think I’ve pretty much got it all figured out.

Do you know what its missing Michael? It’s missing the main character. He’s busy writing a book of his own. It’s a sad book; somewhat depressing, not a whole lot of good in it. Some of it is rather disgusting. A lot of it is rather boring. In this book he’s writing- well, he’s trying to write. You see, he’s so busy working and just keeping busy; he hasn’t had much time to put any effort or thought into his book. He hasn’t spent nearly as much time as I have put into my book. I don’t have to finish reading his incomplete book to know beyond a shadow of a doubt I’m not going to find any pages that compare with just one paragraph in my book. It’s not pride- it’s the truth. It’s proven- a completed book trumps a half written scribbled unfinished rough draft of something someone never really thought he’d finish.

You know what I want? You know what would make my day? I want him to stop being so busy. I want him to stop worrying. I want him to join me as the main character in my book. Oh… that’s what I desire. Would you give him a message for me? Would you tell him something? Tell him, “Michael, God loves you, and He cares about you, and He wanted me to tell you- He specifically asked me to tell you- I love you- and I’m writing a book- and I want you to play the lead role in my book. It’s a wonderful story. Really, it is. It’s got action, adventure, and every page is filled with my love.

I am the author of life, and I want to pen you into this story- the story of your life- I want you to be active and alive in every page, so that I can bless you with every word I write. Won’t you let me? Won’t you come to me? Won’t you leave your unfinished rough draft and find adventure in my book? Won’t you come near me, to hear me whisper to you the next chapter? Won’t you stay close to me, to see how it all works out? Won’t you trust me, that I will write the good in it for you I have promised I’d write? Won’t you leave behind all the doubt and fear and worry and anxiety you’ve been writing about in your rough draft? Won’t you come to me so you can see what a true story of life is really all about?

Aww, Michael- I want to bless you- I want to take you in my arms and hold you in my lap. I want you to be here with me to help me write this book. It will be so much more interesting; have so much more excitement; so much more purpose- if it can be written with the main character.

Won’t you come? Won’t you be near me? Won’t you make time for me, just to hear my voice? To listen to me say, “Michael I have always loved you. Ever since I thought you up in the first place. You are my creation- you exist out of my purpose- you're no accident; so leave the rough draft behind. I’ll clean up the mess. Just come to me and I will make you holy. I will complete your story. I will fit you into the chapters of your life as the main character your supposed to be. I will give you meaning and purpose. I will tie the bow that completes your life. And I will be there at the end of the book to welcome you home- to be with me, where I am- where you began- forever.”

“Michael you are my son and my delight and I love you very much. Won’t you come? Be mine. I’ve given my life so we can be together. I’ve given all I have to write this story. There is an ending I’m hoping to write into it, and it’s a beautiful ending; a wonderful ending. And you know what? If you come- when you come- it will be my joy and delight to tell you this story has a sequel Michael- that’s more wonderful than the first. You won’t even be able to imagine just how wonderful it is. And you want to know the best part about this sequel? It doesn’t have an ending Michael. I’m going to start writing it with you- and I’m going to have so much fun writting it- I’m never going to stop. I promise. And a promise is a promise.

I’m waiting for you. I have my hands out- my arms stretched out wide- won’t you come? Please come. I love you.