Sunday, February 07, 2010

Just another Sunday night with my Dad 2/7/2010

So you see my son, your life affects others. You're a member of a body, not a stand alone piece. Part of an orchestra, not a soloist. I've promised to equip you in the ways you need, to bring me honor and glory. It's what you do with what I've given you that shows me how much you love me: your smile, your heart, your thoughts and actions that speak to who your god is. So when you think, "What shall I do tonight?" think, "Who do I want to show I love them?" See yourself as an orbiting planet and not the Sun. Life will make so much more sense this way. Don't be confused, I will never love you any less, but I want you to see my love. I want you to feel my love for the rest of my creation, and I want you to provide- be my hands and feet- to show them- with divine synergy, to confirm that I love them- Not that you're better, but my grace has clued you in to the clueless- the light in a dark place- knowledge of life. So treat others as family you are just meeting for the first time; brothers and sisters you never knew you had- and love from your heart. Show me you love me- love those I love. You've heard "hate the sin, not the sinner"- I say, "love them as brothers and forgive as I do", that before you were born, I died for you. While you were still a sinner, I chose to bare your shame- to forgive you- and so- Michael, my son, I bless you with this nugget of wisdom- walk in its light.


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So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. This encourages me.

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