Saturday, December 10, 2005


Breathe deep- savor the moment. Watch this time pass more slowly. Rich beauty in the fullness of the meaning. Grace in the storm of life. Fresh water springs in the heart of an ocean of salt. Fade to light. Where white covers itself, almost invisible but most certainly there. Free from doubts of mere coincidence. I exist because He does. I am not independent, but I am my own. When I am without, He is within. He is the whole, while I am only a slice. I am, because He is, and He wills me to be. With His thought He holds me, my existence. Safe is where I am, where He is. His words are my life, written on the pages he speaks into being. One day you will look for me and only find Him. This is my prayer, this is my hope. God of Glory, work within me- to bring out you. You are all, and so much more. In this moment, in this dim light, I breathe- deep. I watch this time pass more slowly, in awe of Your beauty. Hope lighting the darkness, Heartbeat of my heart, I fade into you.


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