Sunday, January 18, 2009

Are you letting your view of the world change?

At some point in our lives we pause.
The world around us stops paying attention.
There’s no one there to distract us.
We’re by ourselves alone in a crowd, staring ourselves down; so much like our company, thinking we’re so different.
We’re all broken and hurt in some way.
We’re all different shades of tile in the same mosaic, creating and keeping a wall between us of grout.
Where this wall is thinnest is where we share who we are and are accepted, these, not coincidentally, are the clearest portions of this mosaic artwork.
Where these areas are thickest, the hue turns a lifeless shade of gray.
It’s in moments of reflection we can step back and see how the pieces fit together and how we can see there really isn’t room for each of us to be an island- building our walls higher and thicker and washing our part of the picture out with lifeless gray.
Why not be open? Why not be vulnerable? Why not share our lives with each other?
Because not everyone takes that step back and when the walls come down, they can’t get beyond the shock of their view of this world changing.
But it changes anyway, cracks and shatters, leaving less than the beauty that was originally intended.


Blogger Jonathan Dow said...

I'm afraid of letting my wall down because someone might want something I don't want to give them, although I've always said I wanted to, although I always thought I wanted to, but when it I have the opportunity, I might just hold on a little longer and miss the chance. And I will remain strong, but broken. Humbled in what is left of what I once thought a magnificent fortress, but one no one will ever lay siege against because there is nothing of value inside. Either that or I should really get to bed. I want to call you. I hope I do.

2:36 AM  

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