Monday, May 30, 2011

When all I have to say isn't enough

I've been so busy in my own world I haven't realized how my attitudes and actions over the past couple years have affected those I say I care about. After finding out I’ve stabbed a friend in the back, and seeing I’m the one who needed grace extended to me, I've written the lament below. He's forgiven me but said pain still remains.

Comfort me oh God, I cry to you
The one who made me, have mercy on my soul!
I’ve lied to you, belittled you, made light of all your promises
In all of you I’ve cast aside my very life, my heart

Have mercy on me Father, I need your grace
The only one who's ever loved me like you do
I’ve run away, I’ve disowned you by my actions
When I left you I left all I had worth living for

Heal me Great Physician, I’m bleeding out
Your the only one who's seen eternal value in my life
I’ve brought shame to you, I’ve disgraced you
When I chose to bury you I dug my own grave

When I think of hope, I’m reminded of your Name
Your the only one who can restore me
King of the Universe, Author of Life
Friend, Father, Healer
Reach down inside, cause this heart to beat
Bring life from death and make me new

All I am is yours
All I can be is grateful for you
I owe you all I am, all I have and all I’ll be
Take me back in your mercy
All I want is to be yours
Will you please forgive and take me back again?