Saturday, October 02, 2010

Just Thanking God in Advance

I've felt inspired to think about God's promises for me, my life and what I believe to be true about my wife. I wanted to thank God in advance through eyes of faith for my wife and the life He's blessed me with. As of writing this, I don't know who she is yet but this doesn't change what I believe because I know God is faithful and good in every way. I apologize for any grammatical errors that weigh on you as you read this- I literally copied this from my daily journal. --

Lord I thank you for my wife. I thank you for the peace I have around her, knowing she's given her life to love me- in your sight. I don't have to fear her loving another man. And because of what you've said, she does sing to you, and she loves the thought of your Name. She praises you with words that flow from her heart. She challenges me to see the world and the lost as you do. I see hope now in the lost- this ember of fire rather than the pit of hell. I see compassion as my preference and forgiveness as my right arm. With her and because of her heart I have been more involved in serving you, not by signing up at church, but by opening our home and hearts to new and backslidden believers and non believers who are struggling through life.

God I see hospitality and generosity. I see a home and a heart that are one. I see peace between our families and a relief no one was expecting. I see maturity- spiritually, emotionally- in truth and in love. I see deep deep moments of bonding with my wife- in a deeper way than I ever imagined possible. We are sewn together, written together in your book before all this should happen. And we will never grow cold in our love, you fan the flame of our hearts, beating together as one with yours. You have provided, in ways I never thought of, and you were faithful to provide in abundance- we never lacked the ability to share with those in need- ever. I am amazed. You always spoke truth and encouragement into our eyes. You've given extra grace to our families when we've asked- when we've poured out our hearts to you- you were there & you heard our cries and did not delay- but in your perfect provision and timing rescued all we prayed for and more.

You watched over us as we traveled. When we were too busy or too tired to pray, you were faithful. You took us around the world to places we never thought we'd go. We met your family there. We felt the love of people touched by you there. We felt your warmth, the light of our true home. You always kept us safe. You showered your favor on us to all peoples we interacted with- even those who were skeptical of us at first. You gave us more grace and allowed us to love to love them and shine your light even in these circumstances. You've shown your light through us (to your people) around the world.

Its my joy to say you were right. You have been faithful in all you said you'd do. My wife has been pure joy, totally worth the wait. She has challenged me to live the life you've called me to. I always wondered how it would work- how I could be so madly in love with someone- that I wouldn't just make them the idol in my life. But you've kept me straight and her love for you and for the world really helped me focus in spite of myself- and you grew in me the desire of her heart to love others- and she never runs out of love for me. That's what I've found so incredible- she keeps giving- keeps loving- and always loves me- deeply. I have so much peace, I am so grateful. I never imagined life could be like this. I'm not worried about my job- you so sustain us. You're so faithful- money's not even a worry- our business is loving people- money's just something you shower on us because you're faithful and the most generous God, the only God & Father.

You were faithful in giving me time to meet and grow with my wife. You were right, I did know her, I did love her. You did bring me to a place of peace where I would develop skills- that I use every day. I never could have imagined this. I'm so sorry for doubting- you had this planned all along. I see as I look back through eyes of faith just how great you are- how much I could trust you- with my entire life, all I am. You always showed love for me- for us- overflowing to the world. God You are so amazing, so powerful, so sensitive, so respectful, so gracious and compassionate, so rich in love, so much bigger than I ever dreamed- and I know I've still only seen a glimpse of all you are. So I thank you from the heart you created, fed, cared for and never stopped listening to- with all my heart I thank you Father God.